WILL GROUP Integrated Report 2023



The WILL GROUP provides specialized human resource services in areas including sales, call centers, manufacturing, nursing care facilities, and construction management engineers, with operations spanning approximately 10 countries globally as well as Japan. Committed to our mission as a catalyst for positive change, we empower every employee to act as an agent of change, fostering opportunities for widespread positive transformation among both individuals and organizations.

Will Group

Value Creation Story

Rooted in the philosophy of “Believe in Your Possibility” as the wellspring of value creation, the Group seeks to generate positive change in the world and help build a society where everyone believes in their own potential. This outcome is made possible through the positive transformation of the individuals and the organizations that we work with.

Creation Story

Human Resources Strategy

At the core of the Group’s value creation lies our most essential asset: human capital, including every individual working with us. We are dedicated to unlocking the potential within people and organizations and to cultivating the agents of change who will spearhead the fulfillment of our mission.

Resources Strategy

Material Issues

We believe that the well-being of every person working within the Group is fundamental to creating positive change in the world. Building on the key issues identified in our corporate foundation, we aim to improve well-being by resolving critical challenges within our business operations.

Material Issues

Medium-Term Management Plan

We have established the Medium-Term Management Plan, WILL-being 2026, that spans from the fiscal year ending March 2024 to the fiscal year ending March 2026.

Results FY2023 Target FY2026
Operating profit
(Operating margin)

¥5.31billion (3.7%)
Operating profit
(Operating margin)

¥6.50billion (3.8%)
Management Plan

Business Portfolio

Business segments are categorized based on market growth and the degree of achievement of target indicators, with strategic investments focused on top-line growth and profit maximization aimed at boosting productivity and operating margins, while the exploratory function seeks out areas for the next strategic investments. By optimizing the composition of our business segments, we will improve profitability across the Company and optimally allocate management resources as well as improve investment efficiency.

Business Portfolio

Sustainability Initiatives

Upholding the mission of being an agent of change, the WILL GROUP is dedicated to achieving positive change across a broad spectrum of individuals and organizations, a commitment that has fueled our sustainable growth. Looking ahead, we are determined to generate this positive change and maintain our growth trajectory. By clearly understanding societal shifts and collaborating with our stakeholders, we are committed to contributing to the development of a sustainable society for the future.