Business Model

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The Group is made up of WILL GROUP and 48 consolidated subsidiaries (16 in Japan and 32 overseas), and one equity-method affiliate (as of March 31, 2022). The Group operates human resources businesses centered on temporary staffing, outsourcing, and permanent placement.

To ensure that we continue to be the provider of choice for our customers amid increasing competition, we will specialize in certain business domains and strengthen the quality of our services in those categories.

We provide services in domains that have relatively low economic volatility. In Japan, these include retail areas in household appliance mass retailers, call centers, food and other factories, nursing care facilities, and the construction industry. Overseas, we provide services for national and local governments.

What are human resource services?

Companies in Japan and overseas have various operations related to personnel. Among these, for certain processes such as employee recruitment, part-time recruitment, and employee development, there is demand to outsource all or part of the process in order to streamline operations. On the other hand, there are also various demands from people who want to work.
Some want to work freely without being tied to one company, some want to work close to home to care for the elderly or children, and others want to work only three hours a day, or three days a week and so forth. Individual workstyles and values are diverse and dynamic throughout the life stages.

Human resource services play the role of matching such companies and job seekers, and strengthening the relationships between them. Among such human resource services companies, WILL GROUP has a strength in being able to support working individuals by using its strengths in hybrid contract staffing.

The business model for the Company’s services is as follows.

Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing refers to the dispatch of staff contracted through an employment contract with a temporary staffing company to another company based on a temporary staffing contract.

The distinctive feature is the separation of the employment relationship and the chain of command. The temporary staffing company receives dispatch fees from the contracting company based on the temporary staffing contract, and pays the contracted staff based on the employment contract.

Permanent Placement

Permanent placement refers to introducing appropriate personnel to a company after receiving a recruitment request from that company.

The permanent placement company receives a placement fee from the company that receives the placement.


Outsourcing refers to a transaction in which a contracting company concludes an outsourcing contract with an outsourcing company and receives consideration for executing operations of the outsourcing company.

Business Segments

The following are the two business segments.

(1)Domestic Working Business

In this business, we are engaged primarily in temporary staffing, permanent placement and outsourcing services in Japan specifically for categories such as sales, call center, factory, nursing care and construction management, and human resource support services for startups developed by its consolidated subsidiary, for Startups, Inc.

(2)Overseas Working Business

We conduct human resource services such as temporary staffing and permanent placement Mainly in Singapore and Australia. In our temporary staffing services, our main clients are national and local governments, which are relatively economically stable. In our permanent placement service, we operate in a wide range of fields, including finance and telecommunications.
In addition to the above, our operations also include human resources services in the HR Tech field, support services for foreigners living in Japan, and operation of apartment buildings for IT engineers and creative personnel (TECH RESIDENCE).

WILL GROUP’s Strengths

Hybrid staffing

The Company has developed “hybrid staffing” as a strategic service that has been highly evaluated by customers for its retention rates and operating capabilities.

Category-specific services

The Company operates human resource services businesses by industries including telecommunications, call centers, light work at factories and other sites, nursing care, and construction management engineers and others. Having category-specific operations enables the Company to supply high-quality specialist services.