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President Yuichi Sumi

WILL GROUP seeks out new challenges.
We believe in people’s possibility, and aim to bring positive change to the world.

The WILL GROUP has set a mission to be a “change agent group” that brings positive change to individuals and organizations and is doing business in about ten countries, both in Japan and overseas. This mission has been set with our desire to create an opportunity to bring about positive change to as many organizations as possible with as many people as possible.

In order to make many positive changes in life, it is essential to work hard, play hard, learn hard, and stay safe and healthy. Based on this idea, we have established our vision, which is to create a strong brand with high expected value and become No. 1 in the four business fields of “working,” “interesting,” “learning” and “living.” This is the origin of our company name, taking the initials of Working, Interesting, Learning, and Living.

Today, we have grown into a company with over 7,000 employees, but we started in 1997 with just three people in a small office. Our first job was to serve as a contractor for running a manufacturing line of a factory. Since then, we have consistently provided human resource services. “There is no limit to human possibilities”—That’s what we learned through providing human resource services. Back then, when we started human resource services from nothing, the only thing that kept us going was believing in our possibilities. And now that we have more people on board, our values of “believing in human possibilities” have become even greater values and a driving force for the WILL GROUP’s development.

Our mission, vision and values, which we declared to the world, have yet to materialize. In the “working” business domain alone, competitors are not just human resource service providers, but include tech companies, highly specialized HR service providers, and companies entering the human resource services market from other industries.That means the WILL GROUP is still a challenger. Amid high ideals, strong competitors, and fast market changes, our challenge continues, believing in human possibilities.

President Yuichi Sumi