Sustainability Policy

The mission of the Group is to become a “change agent group” that brings positive change to individuals and organizations. Driven by this corporate philosophy, it has worked to bring about beneficial changes for as many people and organizations as possible, while achieving sustainable growth.

In order to continue to bring positive change to the world and to maintain sustainable growth, we will take note of changes in society, and work with stakeholders to achieve a sustainable future society.

Integrated Report 2023

President’s Message

We will create a positive change in the world in order to create a society where each person believes in their own potential.

Value Creation Processes

Our core value, “Believe in Your Possibility,” coupled with our strengths are the foundation for creating value.We are committed to positively transforming both individuals and organization.

Materiality Issues

We anticipate that these initiatives will improve the well-being of our Group’s employees, ultimately contributing to the growth of our corporate value.

Sustainability initiatives of WILL GROUP