Compliance basic policy

Positioning compliance as a top priority in Group management, the Group aims to realize its management philosophy and become a corporate group that is trusted by all stakeholders, including customers, staff, officers, employees, business partners, local society, and shareholders.

Ensuring compliance

The Group maintains a basic principle that compliance is essential to preserving trust from society and is connected with the sustainable growth of the Group. In addition to rigorously complying with various laws, regulations, and rules, the Group prevents corruption and improper actions and performs highly transparent corporate activities based on social standards.

Priority in compliance and earnestness

When circumstances pit compliance and company or officer/employee interests against one another, the Group does not hesitate to prioritize compliance and strives to make corrective measures with related parties. Further, the Group is aware of social responsibilities and public missions. We conduct earnest, fair, and equal activities in order to respond to social expectations and demands.

Appropriate relationships with business partners

Upon providing services and products, the Group conducts fair and equal transactions that do not violate the foundations of free competition. We strive to improve the safety and trust of services and products. The Group also does not give or receive monetary reward, food, or drink from business partners in a manner that would violate healthy business customs or social common sense.

Respect of human rights

The Group strives to prevent inappropriate discrimination and human rights violations and respect the personality and uniqueness of all people, including customers, staff, officers, employees, business partners, regional society, and shareholders.

Expulsion of anti-social forces

The Group shall not form any relationship with forces that perform illegal or anti-social acts and stands firmly against anti-social forces.

Prohibition of bribery related to public officials

The Group shall not, for any reason, bribe public officials or persons in public institutions from either Japan or foreign countries.

Prevention of embezzlement and misappropriated funds

The Group prohibits embezzlement and misappropriated funds, regardless of reason and amount of money. The Group will also establish an internal management system to prevent such actions.

Prevention of money laundering

The Group will not contribute, either directly or indirectly, to money laundering and terrorism funding. The Group will also establish an internal management system to prevent this.

Compliance education for officers and employees

In order to ensure the effectiveness of compliance management, including prevention of corruption and improper actions, the Group aims to foster, spread, and embed an awareness of compliance by establishing internal standards, posting on internal intranet, and providing ongoing and repetitive education and awareness sessions through e-learning for all officers and employees.

Internal reporting system and re-occurrence prevention plans

To prepare against compliance issues, including corruption and improper actions, the Group has established an internal reporting system that secures confidentiality and anonymity. When a problem is discovered, the Compliance Committee promptly surveys the issue and uncovers the cause and takes appropriate action to fulfill the corporate responsibility. Important cases handled by the Compliance Committee are reported to the Board of Directors.