Becoming a “change agent group” that brings positive change to individuals and organizations. This is our mission.

In other words, our group is an organization that continues to take on new challenges without hesitating to change itself in order to bring positive change to society. Individuals are “people” and organizations are companies, government agencies, medical institutions, non-profit organizations, etc., each of which is an “aggregate of people.”

There are many positive aspects to human society. For example, people encourage and improve each other and move each other’s hearts.On the other hand, there are also negative aspects. People feel jealous of and harm each other, for instance. Of course, a fully positive society would be desirable, but in reality, human society has both positive and negative aspects. It is difficult to eliminate the negative aspects altogether. However, if the proportion of positive aspects exceeds the proportion of negative aspects, even by a slight edge of 51% to 49%, we are confident that both individuals and organizations will gradually grow, resulting in a better society.

To that end, we hope to continue growing ourselves and help to inject energy into and bring positive change to individuals and organizations.

This is the “change agent group” as envisaged by us.


Creating a strong brand with high expected value and becoming No. 1 in the business fields of “working,” “interesting,” “learning” and “living.” This is our vision.

  • Working

    Support “Working”

    In the business field of [Working], we support individuals’ career by providing services that enhance positive career advancement.

  • Interesting

    Support “Interesting”

    In the business field of [Interesting], we support individuals’ enjoyment by providing services that create exciting moments.

  • Learning

    Support “Learning”

    In the business field of [Learning], we support individuals’ learning by providing services that lead individuals to enjoy lifelong individual development.

  • Living


    In the business filed of [Living], we support individuals’ lives by providing services that promote physically and mentally healthy lives.


Believe in Your Possibility.
This is the principle that we at our group live by.

We have always been challenging ourselves.No matter how tough the situation was, we have always looked forward, believed in our own possibilities and believed in our team members’ possibilities, which led us to come so far.
Regardless of how many new members joining our company that started from just three members, our philosophy of [Believe in Your Possibility] will never fade away.
In fact, we believe that by having more individuals, the “possibilities” will become our group’s core and will turn into our power to move forward.
In every moment, this VALUE will always be in our heart.