Initiatives for regional society

Social contribution activities in business activities

The Group is conducting training for employment support and job search of foreigners. Through corporate activities and contributions to society, we aim to achieve sustainable development and growth alongside society.

● Foreigner lifestyle support

The foreigner lifestyle support services operated by the Company arrange the lifestyle infrastructure for foreigners living in Japan for medium- to long-term. For example, foreigners who stay in Japan on a visa for technical interns or skilled workers are able to live in Japan for up to five years by updating their visa. In that case, they need housing, mobile phones, and bank accounts. However, since there are restrictions on their stay period, it can be difficult to pass screening, and it can also be difficult to make contracts in Japanese. The Group provides one-stop services that can resolve issues with procedures and contracts after entering Japan.

Foreigner lifestyle support service “ENPORT”

● Foreigner employment support (technical interns, skilled workers)

The Group provides foreigner employment support (technical intern sponsorships, etc.) in order to transfer skills, technology, and knowledge to developing nations, cooperate with “human resource building,” a key to economic development in developing nations, and resolve labor shortages in Japan.
We support the Japanese education and lifestyles of technical interns who learned Japanese and technical skills at overseas subsidiaries or partners. We are also providing procedural support and instructions for collaboration for the company accepting said foreign workers. The Group provides support to build learning environments and resolve concerns held by accepting companies so that foreigners coming to Japan can work comfortably.

First group of nursing care technical interns from Myanmar (13 interns) arrived to Japan (January 2020)

● WILLOF Care Academy

The Group operates the WILLOF Care Academy, nursing care qualifications schools to support the acquisition of qualifications for nursing care workers. We provide new employee nursing care training for persons who wish to work in nursing care, including registered staff. Persons who register with the Group and fulfill the requirements can take the training without expense (not including textbooks). They can acquire qualifications while doing nursing work. In addition, instructors are placed in nursing facilities for “training for experienced employees” for those who aim to acquire nursing care worker qualifications.

Training at WILLOF Care Academy

● Qualification acquisition support

We are providing support for the acquisition of certain qualifications to support the skill improvement of staff. For example, we hold web seminars free of cost for staff who wish to take the JSDA sales representative qualification exam, which is in high demand in the securities world. After acquiring the qualifications, we not only introduce employment opportunities, but also provide pre-employment training and post-hiring follow-ups.

Training for JSDA sales representative training

● Internship

The Group provides paid internships to reduce the business gap that newly graduated employees might feel after being hired. The period and details vary by company and business department. These internships can be as short as three to seven days or as long as several months. Before joining the company, prospective employees can meet the employees they will actually work with and experience real work. This program has been positively received by new employees.
=Selections of participant opinions=
– I was able to relieve my worries by learning about telephone appointments and business talks
– I was able to envision how my job will actually be after I start working in April
– I was able to learn the basics of business manners and the importance of reporting, contacting, and consultation

Prospective employee training