Message from Chairman

Our group’s origin lies in the foundation of SAINT MEDIA, INC. which currently engages in staffing business as the group’s core company.

In 1997, SAINT MEDIA, INC started its business with only three people in a small office. When SAINT MEDIA, INC started the business of factory line outsourcing, the company did not have ample funds, adequate equipment or an impressive record or business achievements. But in one respect, we were in no way inferior to other companies.

Our strength was that we had the passion and will to perform great service for customers who entrust work to us and to meet their expectations. We also had staff members who shared our passion and resolve.

Later, the number of staff members sharing our passion and will increased, making it possible to establish the factory outsourcing business, which dispatches and introduces factory workers and to undertake business operations, as a pillar of the company.

While meeting customers’ needs, we expanded the scope of our human resources businesses to include the sales outsourcing business, which dispatches and introduces sales staff and undertakes sales operations in the retail industry, and the call center outsourcing business, which dispatches and introduces call center operators and undertakes call center operations.

Now, we have expanded into other region in the world and have grown into a corporate group operating both in Japan and abroad with a total of more than thirty group companies.

Although we have achieved a business scale unimaginable to us when we started our company, this is no more than a passing point.

Our group stands by its vision of creating a strong brand with high expected value and becoming No. 1 in the business fields of “working,” “interesting,” “learning” and “living.”

There is a common thread to all of these four fields: providing services related to “people.”

If we can provide an opportunity for people to make positive changes through our services, it is sure to bring benefits to companies and all other forms of organizations, each of which is an aggregate of individual people.

We will continue to take on new challenges so that we can bring positive change to as many individuals and organizations as possible.

We believe that we have so far been able to continue to grow and take on new challenges precisely because our company is an aggregate of people who share our passion. The power of people has been driving the company’s growth and change.

Although the company has grown into a corporate group with a total workforce of more than 1,800, there has been no change in this belief since it all started with just three people.

Over the years, the market and technology have continued to undergo significant changes. Of course, changes will continue to happen, and it will be no surprise if services and needs that are nonexistent today emerge five years or 10 years from now.

That is why we value colleagues who share our passion and strive to accurately identify changes in the surrounding situation and to evolve and take on new challenges so that we can enhance and expand our services.

A “change agent group” that continues to evolve by leveraging the power of people. This is the Will Group.

Ryosuke Ikeda,

Ryosuke Ikeda,