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A “change agent group” that brings positive change to individuals and organizations
Our desired future is to bring positive change to the world

代表取締役社長 大原 茂の写真

Our Group has provided category-specific human resources services, focused on the sales, call center, factory, nursing care, and construction domains, and continued to grow together with all of our stakeholders.

In recent years, given the increasing importance of non-financial information from the perspective of a company’s value, sustainability activities have become an important indicator of corporate value. In addition, this is not limited to investors, and I believe that it is necessary for all of our stakeholders, including clients, employees, staff and members of local communities, to understand and evaluate the Group from the standpoint of sustainability.

代表取締役社長 大原 茂の写真

As for the Group’s promotion of sustainability, the cycle I have in mind is that of generating value to society through corporate activities rooted in our corporate philosophy of “Mission, Vision and Value,” which in turn generates economic value and is connected to our corporate activities. Value to society and economic value have real meaning only when they are linked, rather than existing as separate entities. By promoting the idea of an integrated cycle, we aim to become a company that is chosen by our various stakeholders, and to link this to our desired future outcomes.

It is precisely because we are facing a new era characterized by significant changes in both working people and their environment that we must avoid being shackled by existing beliefs, and bring about positive change in working styles.
Accordingly, as an organization that resolves social issues through its corporate activities and brings positive change to the world, we will grow sustainably in tandem with society.

Shigeru Ohara,
President and Representative Director