Sustainability policy

Sustainability policy

The mission of the Group is to become a “change agent group” that brings positive change to individuals and organizations. Driven by this corporate philosophy, it has worked to bring about beneficial changes for as many people and organizations as possible, while achieving sustainable growth. policy

In order to continue to bring positive change to the world and to maintain sustainable growth, we will take note of changes in society, and work with stakeholders to achieve a sustainable future society.

Message from the Sustainability Promotion Project Leader Our mission is to generate positive change

Human capital, by which we mean all the people who work in the Group, is the largest component of the Group’s value creation process.Through its temporary staffing, permanent placement, and other businesses, the Group has connections with more than 300,000 individuals.“People” are the assets on which our businesses depend, and we consider our social responsibility to be the resolution of the social issues faced by the individuals and companies served by these services.
Today’s world has seen the emergence of a variety of social and environmental issues, such as those related to economic disparities and human rights, the depletion of global resources, climate and the environment and, over the past two years, COVID-19. In order to resolve these, we must have a solid recognition of our role, and promote sustainability to reflect our desire to fulfill our social responsibilities through corporate activities.

General Manager of Human Resources Division
Emiko Tsuchiya

In order to promote sustainability, we launched two projects, for ESG and SDGs, in February 2021.For the SDGs project in particular, the heads of various businesses have been assigned as project team members.This is an expression of our determination to achieve a balance between value to society and economic value. We believe that it is precisely during times in which working people and the working environment are facing significant change, such as is the case today, that we can bring positive change to the world through our business.Going forward, we will consider both measures to further establish these concepts within the Company and the setting-up of a Sustainability Committee.These projects have only just begun, but we will do our utmost to bring about positive change in as many individuals and organizations as possible, and contribute to achieving a sustainable society.It is important to achieve growth in the organization by providing equal opportunities to all, and respecting and utilizing diversity. I believe that this will open the way to accomplishing the Group’s mission of becoming a “change agent group” that brings positive change to individuals and organizations.

General Manager of Human Resources Division
Emiko Tsuchiya

Other policies

The Group has formulated the following policies, in addition to the Sustainability policy, and promotes corporate activities and various initiatives based on these policies.

  • Environmental policies

    In order to sustainably and safely protect the global environment, through reduction of energy use, the Group will proactively take efforts toward addressing climate change, reuse of resources and the conservation of biodiversity.

  • Human rights policy

    We believe that we can create a better society by ensuring the positivity of people encouraging, lifting up, and touching others outweighs the negativity of people hurting people. We aim to spread awareness about the importance of respecting human rights in order to achieve this.

  • Compliance basic policy

    The Group considers compliance to be one of the most important issues for the Group’s management, and aims to be a corporate group that is trusted by all of its stakeholders.

  • Privacy policy

    As a “change agent group” that brings positive change to individuals and organizations, in the business fields of “working,” “interesting,” “learning” and “living,” we aim for management that creates opportunities for high value-added services. In order to achieve that, we understand that the protection of personal information is important. We strive for all officers and employees to understand the importance of personal information protection and carefully handle personal information provided to us, and ensure that all customers can use our services without worry

  • Supplier action standards

    Society demands that companies take efforts for a sustainable society as social and environmental issues have worsened. As such, the Group has begun initiatives to address ESG issues and solve problems. In order to realize a sustainable society, we need not only to take efforts ourselves, but also have suppliers’ understanding and support in such efforts as our partners.